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Every patient deserves the most comforting and efficient wound prevention to avoid unnecessary suffering. 

At Grand, we believe that positive treatment results begin by delivering high performance pressure relief solutions. Hence, our mission is to provide the highest quality of pressure care medical products and to offer our customers the best possible technical support.

Pressure Ulcer Development
There are many factors that contribute to the development of pressure ulcer, but the most common pathway is prolonged pressure on the skin.
The tissue is capable of sustaining pressure at around 30-32 mmHg for a small duration of time. When the tissue experiences pressure above this capillary filling pressure, microcirculatory occlusion will occur and eventually causes the development of pressure ulcer. 

* Bhattacharya, Surajit, and R K Mishra. “Pressure ulcers: Current understanding and newer modalities of treatment.”

Annual Costs of Pressure Injuries Treatment
Despite advances in surface technology, pressure prevention guideline and education, pressure injuries continue to be a critical health issue faced by long-term health community. Today, the U.S spends $26.8 billion a year on treatment of pressure ulcer. Yet, prevention is pivotal to the development pressure ulcer. With the correct management, 95 percents of pressure ulcer are preventable. 

* Bereded, Dinkie Tadele et al. “Prevalence and risk factors of pressure ulcer in hospitalized adult patients; a single center study from Ethiopia.” 


Our Pressure Injuries Preventions
Many Grand's solutions are designed for the prevention of pressure ulcer. We specialized in the manufacturing of preventative pressure relief medical device, and we strive to produce intuitive and easy-to-use devices that facilitate positive treatment results.  

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